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Our linen collection is in constant evolution. Visit our shop in Garhoud to see our wide selection. We add new items every week in different sizes and colors, and we accept customized orders.

Linen is best described as a fabric that is made from very fine fibers, derived from the flax plant. These fibers are carefully extracted, spun into yarn, and then woven into long sheets of comfortable, durable and strong fabric. Linen gets softer with use and ages beautifully over time.

One of the biggest benefits of linen is that it is entirely antibacterial. This means that harmful bacteria and other germs have a difficult time surviving within the fine and closely woven fibers, making linen a highly desirable fabric. Products made of natural linen are organic and fully biodegradable, they keep your warm during the winter months, and their moisture-wicking properties help to keep you dry and cool in the warmer months.


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